When i was still just a kid.
When everything is always new.
When there was nothing to worry about.
My brother recognizing me with a console called SEGA.
There goes myself acrossing the whole new world inside a box which is transmitting colors and sound.

Since then i can only be entertained by that thing, one who cannot said as a living matter, just a gaming console which is made me feel alive.

Everyday i passed without regret just with it.
Years passes, i’m getting older and older, but nothing impress me more.

That’s when i have one thing in mind, it is to dedicating myself to the video games.

Although my family didn’t support me at that time, because society expecting for common reputation, for example: good at school or college, work at big company etc etc, but they doesn’t interest me at all.

Having chosen my life as gamer, so  i make a living of it, gaming is my job, it’s my work place, it’s my heaven, it’s my world, its art.

Until now i almost have every consoles that i dreamed of,  too much consoles that sometimes driving me crazy.

Maybe i changed about thinking, about appearance, about point of view, about love.


I’m still me.
I am what i am.
I am a Gamer.

Now i’m using this blog to express my feeling through all my life which i spend with gaming.
I’m not doing this for anyone, although i think maybe it will help people with something.
I’m doing this for myself.

To express and only to expressing myself to the world.


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