Gaming Phenomenon in Human Pattern Theory

The yearning of classic gaming that occured to the most of senior gamers community sure is happening almost everywhere.

As if senior gamers simply can’t accept the modern kind of gaming concepts, it’s refer to quality only based on graphics, gameplay, sex,  online multiplayer availability and competition but ignores literature, music and romance.

But is this really the case?
Is the new concept truly is to blame?

Then lets look at history.
At 18 century, The Age of Romanticism occured as the side effects on Industrial Revolution (considered as our current concept of gaming industry).
It’s where large sum of people make move to bring back the lost age.
How they yearn the lost civilization, lost thoughts and lost culture.
They dig, they learn, they see artifacts and literature as valuable art.
And how they see their current industrial revolution as uncultured, have no taste etc.

Then look at present time…(It’s end of august 2015 to be exact when I wrote this)
Now is the age of modern gaming industry where most of them used for money making commercial. And it’s occuring side effects of gamers yearning for more nostalgic feel, the old games considered as the most valuable art.
They started to make classic themed concept games (pixels, side scrolling, arcades) and see how newer games as uncultured and have no taste.

Don’t you think it’s so similiar?

Undeniably, History repeats itself.

So is the reason relevant?
I mean the ‘reason’ why all of these yearning of the lost, the past, the history.

Do reason is truly the case?

Or maybe, we…humans, simply indirectly forced to follow the pattern.
Many things already implanted in humanity since the first birth, it’s the program, the pattern, even in our evolved state, we still following the pattern program.


When the age of modernized classic high quality gaming brought back to most of civilization, it will create side effects of people yearning for modern commercial money making games.
And so on…

The norm and the contradiction pattern.

There are people who will do whatever they can to fit with society.
And there are people who against society to make their place fit.

I’m the proof of the second one.
Even no matter how deadly I’m against the society.
I am still inside the pattern of norm and contradiction, I realized that.

I’m sure many people already discovered the norm and contradiction pattern since ancient times, but this writing only to proof even the gaming industry can’t escape it.

Many people told us think outside the box.
I asked, where is the box?
I’m not only want to think outside the box, but I want to get out of the box, alive.


Free Will?

Or, is free will actually only a delusion?

-Bonie Yudistira