Selling games is also the form of my appreciation to the developer whose worked themselves very hard to create all of these digital art for our plain reality.

Imagine if we live without them.
I remember I ever read an article about a place where they did an experiment to remove radio and TV in certain human community.
I think its in village somewhere, I can’t remember for certain which year i read that article, If I’m not mistaken, its like more than ten  years ago or so…
Based on how I remember about that experiment, after few days or a week from the removal of TV and Radio. its proven (based on the article) that most male adult finding their entertainment through alchohol drinks and gambling in their daily activity, and these are also applied for the people who doesnt do these kind of habits in the first place.
Which is, I think its indirectly bad for the children’s daily influence, while at the same time they also lacking of entertainment at home (yes, they also can play outside, but remember, not everybody loves sport and physical activities, there also children who prefer to stay at home and do something else like read books etc).
Its hard to argue that drunk habit will also affect whole family and lead to violence.
Home is place for people, without it, naturally they will wreak it upon something more unhealthy things.
I think sane people doesnt want this thing to happen in their lifes (“Sane” in a matter as general definition)
And me too which i refer myself being sane in my own way, truly grateful if we can avoid the massive worst human behavior in daily life.

So, I can proudly see Gaming Entertainment as cure and remedy for something positive/productive in this unavoidable society of ours.
Games also contains Art ( I see “Art” in refer of graphics and music) and Philosophy (some games has literature which telling hidden/obvious messages about how we perceive things in different mind)

I can’t proof the validation of vague memories of mentioned article above, I tried to google it, but unfortunately I have not prevail to find it.
But just like I said from the first place…

“Imagine” if we live without them.

But its also has open possibilities, that people can work together for better habit even without gaming entertainment.

While the reality we have right now is…

Video games do exist.

So, here i am to appreciate it.

-Seven The Timeless Gamer.





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