The Missing Memories of Ivalice – Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII


I dont remember how many years ago when first playing this game.
But i remember once upon a time I play this game with some kind of misleading expectation, due of social media influence, from a forum i used to dwell and some biased opinions.
about how Final Fantasy need to has romance, need to have better CG cutscenes etc.
so many people forced their opinions about bad mouthing this game.
It makes me cant enjoy the game thoroughly.
It’s okay, its still enjoyable, but i somehow feels missed something.
Something very important.
But even with that condition,
I finished the game until beat Zodiark, though havent beat Yazmat and some crazy bosses, because i have to move to Valkyre Profile Silmeria very soon.
Man that month are the release of three massive games for me, Tales of The Abyss, VP Silmera and FFXII, it’s full gaming month.
The PS2 days ~

But now, The FFXII Remaster.


Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age, is here.
For my lovely PS4.
It’s a superb chance to go back again, myself without any pointless negative influence, to once again embark the journey to The World of Ivalice.


I know, people who love this games wants to experience nostalgia .
Me too, feels the same.
But somehow, I got more than Nostalgia.
Yes, the graphic so smooth and all.

But in this remaster, finally I got the Important thing that missed back then at the first PS2 release, and that is: “The Actual FFXII Game i want to play”


Now, I feel the game more ALIVE than ever before.
At first, yeah, there’s a job system for better gameplay and challenge, but that’s of course the basic change.
But what i mean is:

The world and characters..

I have to thank for japanese voice and orchestral music ost that implemented in this release.

Back then i dont really understand whats going on, all i know is all about Kingdom wars and some powerful stones.FINAL FANTASY Ⅻ THE ZODIAC AGE_20170726123125

Now with japanese voice casts available, I feel more depths in converstation, the tones are more relate to the atmosphere, even some scenes touched my feeling (not that english voices are bad). The story now more about “Life” to me, than some romance that people always expecting, which is in my personal taste, is way better.
the strong point also in orchestral music, it gives more Fantasy vibes all over Ivalice (even it give me feeling when watching Ghibli movies).
Man, music is really good on this one.
this is be one of the game which i can play and leave the game turned on without me playing it, just for the sake i want to see the game played at home (happens to FFXIV too)


Along with those livelier looks and atmosphere, the game also about journey and adventure. Oh man, it’s really fun to explore and leveling. collecting loots, upgrading my equipments, Unlocking character abilities while think whats the best suited skills and equipments for progressing then beat some powerful bosses and many things i enjoy in mostly of JRPGs games.

This is how FFXII as the way it is. The way its provided.


I still playing the game while I typing this article,
No, I’m not that intense to playing it all day whole week, sometimes i play other games too.
But that also gave me the game statement:

“Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age.
is the game that i can always go back playing it”

Hope you guys enjoy it too.

And thanks for people who bought from me, The Sevenifity,
This article also form of my appreciation to you guys.


*for those who havent buy it, order now at Sevenifity~