The IDWYG Syndrome – A Gamer’s Status Ailment

I Don’t Want The Game To End!

So I write it as Idwyg Syndrome, it’s easier to read, pronounce and to remember than IDWGTES (I Don’t Want The Game To End – Syndrome).

Where did that “Y” from IdwYg come from? thats “easy to remember” part. Why? thats part i want to remember 😛

Who made the term? well, It’s Me just now, or do you know who made it first? let me know.

I don’t know if this happens in other aspect of life, but in my gaming life, this psychological stuff often happens undesirably.

Usually, when i first bought the game and enjoyed it, i mean REALLY ENJOYED IT, I played it with heightened boost mood, I simply wont stop playing it, I forgot everything else (like i’m drunk). I immersed with the game more than i can be of anything else in this world-oh wait, sometimes reading good book make me feels this way too, not as often in gaming though.

Most of the games i played are RPG/JRPG which contains lots of character interaction, text, scenes and plots (no, it’s not about justice and plot you perv), but the most intriguing is if the game is about journey. It struck my brain to let them kidnapped myself across the screen no matter what size it is (TV or Handheld).

From scene to scene, steps to steps, ups and downs, seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks, the excitement rarely wears down when it comes to my faved/loved game, so much happening in my brain, even I sleep thinking about it, heck i did dream of them too, like meeting the characters inside the game. Last time i met Makoto from Persona 5, I dunno maybe because I just love that kind of girl, or was it just sympathy about what happened to one of them? human feeling can be complex when it comes to reason of being attached, If i count how many hours i spent for video games due of being attached in my entire life, im sure it will be huge percentage as a whole.

For a non-gamers, how does it this excitement feel? maybe like a glutton person who never satisfy about food, like music enthusiast who never stop listening to music, like a collectors who never stop appreciate the painting or fine arts, like a detective who meet endless interesting case and much more, you name it.

Aside from the moment I cherish in those games, i often finding it….hard to let it end. I mean, it’s a basic psychology of human for “not want to lose something important”, but in video games… well, I dont actually lose them, the games will always there, the characters/people stay there, I can always play it again, again and again till I got sick of it. But I still have that feeling of losing them if I finished the game.

Hell, human mind just sick sometimes, especially when I know it occured and I SUBCONSCIOUSLSY want to prevent those things from happening. And that’s when this syndrome happens.

This Idwyg Syndrome usually happens without im realizing it, the pattern is:

When I know I’m about to reach the end of the game, the mood slowly toned down, Im starting to play less often, less hours, sometimes i just reach into start menu then switched off my console/handheld, I starting to look my new and old games or do other hobbies activity like reading, music and movies. at same moment i wanting to finish the game and move on with new ones, but the mood quota just never reach the desired standard so i let the game unfinished for weeks to months, even years (i remember it happened in standard Persona 3 in PS2 long time ago, took me 2 years to finish it).

This syndrome is nothing serious, but its just happens a lot and i still not have any instant cure for it. So far the cure only “Time”, as time passes human tend to “Miss” things they once had, and that when I come back playing the unfinished games. The risk of having this syndrome is to accidentally saw spoilers of them, it’s really bad, it can push the game further away and take longer time to able “Miss/Longing” feeling to activate.

I’m sure its not just me, maybe some of you had this syndrome too. But, People who’s too busy working doesnt count as having this syndrome, because I know that feeling too, the reason is due of tired, human mind just too limited for many tasks, gaming included as tasks.

Some people maybe not realized, the brain sees Objectives in game as real tasks, since its involved physical activity include tapping buttons, typing keyboard (same like im writing this article), voice interaction (in online games or voice command supported games), Movement of whole body in dancing games and Virtual Reality, brain activity for solving puzzles, aaaand above of all, they connected to brain reward system that implemented in us from birth (or was it when we got self conscious?), the points/achievement gamers got could trigger the release of dopamine in our brain the same way we do achieve things in real life, it could be more extreme actually, I saw people playing countless hours of repetitive tasks just for virtual items or title (just text pop up in their character names or profile), which is at some perception they viewed as absurd or waste of time, its all due of exploitation brain system reward in MMO Games, I can’t blame them-wait seems like the topic going off track 😛

Well, the point is, i have this syndrome and either this is good or bad, i guess its depend on the situation. Its always nice to have something to go back, especially for a gamer who love their games. Family, friends, and cats lol

So, does this status ailment ever got you too?

Thus i let The Idwyg Syndrome article to end.

Dude, finishing an article sure totally feels different than finishing the game.






Me as Video Games seller

Selling games is also the form of my appreciation to the developer whose worked themselves very hard to create all of these digital art for our plain reality.

Imagine if we live without them.
I remember I ever read an article about a place where they did an experiment to remove radio and TV in certain human community.
I think its in village somewhere, I can’t remember for certain which year i read that article, If I’m not mistaken, its like more than ten  years ago or so…
Based on how I remember about that experiment, after few days or a week from the removal of TV and Radio. its proven (based on the article) that most male adult finding their entertainment through alchohol drinks and gambling in their daily activity, and these are also applied for the people who doesnt do these kind of habits in the first place.
Which is, I think its indirectly bad for the children’s daily influence, while at the same time they also lacking of entertainment at home (yes, they also can play outside, but remember, not everybody loves sport and physical activities, there also children who prefer to stay at home and do something else like read books etc).
Its hard to argue that drunk habit will also affect whole family and lead to violence.
Home is place for people, without it, naturally they will wreak it upon something more unhealthy things.
I think sane people doesnt want this thing to happen in their lifes (“Sane” in a matter as general definition)
And me too which i refer myself being sane in my own way, truly grateful if we can avoid the massive worst human behavior in daily life.

So, I can proudly see Gaming Entertainment as cure and remedy for something positive/productive in this unavoidable society of ours.
Games also contains Art ( I see “Art” in refer of graphics and music) and Philosophy (some games has literature which telling hidden/obvious messages about how we perceive things in different mind)

I can’t proof the validation of vague memories of mentioned article above, I tried to google it, but unfortunately I have not prevail to find it.
But just like I said from the first place…

“Imagine” if we live without them.

But its also has open possibilities, that people can work together for better habit even without gaming entertainment.

While the reality we have right now is…

Video games do exist.

So, here i am to appreciate it.

-Seven The Timeless Gamer.